STL Yoga Special Events

Do you host yoga events near Saint Louis? Would you like your events to be combined into this public calendar we can all use to avoid conflicts and help promote each other? Message us your public Google calendar ICAL address and we’ll add it to our soon-to-be published shared calendar! We want you to own your calendar and content so you can make updates, we just aggregate for students’ convenience.

To get the link, go to (log in if necessary), under “My Calendars” on the left, click on the downward pointing arrow, choose “Calendar Settings”, click “Share this Calendar” at the top, make sure that “Make this calendar public” is checked, click Save at the bottom if you had to change this setting, click “Calendar Details” at the top, go to the “Calendar Address” section, click on the ICAL button, copy the URL it shows you in the popup, then message that to us.

Rules: These must be non-regular classes, such as workshops that don’t happen on a regular basis. Please don’t post regular yoga classes. Be kind. Collaborate. Share.