News – 11/8/2013


YOGAMAZÉ Anatomy, Adjustments & Therapeutics Training in LA 2013I just returned from my latest visit to LA for module 5 of 6 in my 500-hour advanced teacher training with Noah Mazé.  The first half of the week, we focused on various types of vinyasa classes, and what the definition of vinyasa can be.  The second half of the week was a workshop given by Martin Kirk and Noah covering anatomy, adjustments and therapeutics.  Expect to see more breath focus (vinyasa) and therapeutic alignment in the future as I incorporate what I have learned into my classes.

My most up-to-date schedule is always at  I have a couple morning classes in the week and a couple on the weekend.  I want to highlight the class on Saturdays at 2pm, Learning Time Yoga.  This class is designed to teach you the details needed to safely practice poses so you are more comfortable attending yoga classes that might not be learning-focused, mine or other teachers’.

6:30a-7:30a Tuesday @ Flex for Shine On Yoga
6:30a-7:30a Thursday @ Flex for Shine On Yoga
11:30a-12:30p Saturday @ Joy of Yoga for Monkey Business Kids’ Yoga
2p-3:15p Saturday @ Flex for Learning Time Yoga

Always check the online calendar to verify the class you want is still being held.  On-the-fly updates will be made to this Google calendar, should anything have to change.

I hope to see you soon in a class. If you have suggestions or requests for times, locations, or types of classes, please contact me.  I want yoga that works for you, so participate and help me make it available.


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