Learning All Over Again

trikonasana_001This week I’m in LA, studying again with Noah Mazé and the rest of my 300 hour crew looking to expand our teaching knowledge.  Our plan for early this week is to expand on the basic Iyengar pose scripts we developed last time and add in refinements to solve common errors and misalignments.  We’re also moving beyond shared class teaching and into fully themed and focused class preparations.  Nothing new in concept, but it’s on a whole new level of difficulty and commitment.  Starting Friday and through the weekend, we’ll be sitting with Douglas Brooks and learning more history and philosophy, as well as both practicing asana with Noah and assisting his classes for this weekend intensive.

It’s great to be back with this great group of accomplished and dedicated yogis.  I’m taking it all in and will bring it back to you as I am able to process it all.


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