Learning All Over Again

trikonasana_001This week I’m in LA, studying again with Noah Mazé and the rest of my 300 hour crew looking to expand our teaching knowledge.  Our plan for early this week is to expand on the basic Iyengar pose scripts we developed last time and add in refinements to solve common errors and misalignments.  We’re also moving beyond shared class teaching and into fully themed and focused class preparations.  Nothing new in concept, but it’s on a whole new level of difficulty and commitment.  Starting Friday and through the weekend, we’ll be sitting with Douglas Brooks and learning more history and philosophy, as well as both practicing asana with Noah and assisting his classes for this weekend intensive.

It’s great to be back with this great group of accomplished and dedicated yogis.  I’m taking it all in and will bring it back to you as I am able to process it all.


Boots of Reality

I have lots of ideals based on reasonable philosophical groundings. I have lots of smart, caring people around me to help me learn. I try to do the right thing by myself and by everyone else. Still, reality often gets in the way. Even when I try to do the right thing, I have to question whether there isn’t a better way.

This is my yoga. The boots of reality tread heavily through my temple of philosophy. My supportive community help me keep things swept clean.

Who Teaches You

I’ve been thinking about the best teachers I’ve had in my life. They’ve given me so much, and yet, in reality, they have really made me get it myself.

I applaud these teachers publicly, because I want them, and others, to know how awesome they are. I sometimes worry the teachers think I’m idolizing them. I sometimes worry that others think the same. I’m not, really. I am applauding their ability to share what they have spent so much time learning. I am applauding their ability to share their time and energy with me, as if it’s in almost limitless supply. I am applauding them for being the best examples of people I want to share my life with. I am applauding them for being role models for my children. I am applauding them for sharing their humanity with the world.

I suppose the best lessons come from inside; we just sometimes need good examples of what to do and good catalysts to help us past our threshold of idleness.

To all my teachers, thank you, and I will do my best to make you happy you shared your energy with me.

Pick a Direction, or Many Directions

parivrtta_trikonasana_001Life draws you in all sorts of directions.  Some people say to go with the flow.  I say it just might work.  You take a step one way, driving your body that direction.  You look to the side at what happens next.  You push against something.  You reach the other way with all your might, looking for what you are hoping to receive next.  And where do you end up?  Here.  Wow.  It’s worth it to go with the flow.  You never know where you might end up.

You, too, can do this.  Come to class to learn how or improve what you already know.