Who We Are

Mind & Body Kula is a community in Saint Louis, Missouri area dedicated to improving people’s lives through the practice of yoga and mindful movement. Please bring your minds and bodies together to participate in our kula.

My regular group yoga classes can be found on the schedule. I teach Hatha yoga asana with strong educational influences. Priority is given to proper alignment and breath, but I’ve been known to tell stories and crack a few jokes now and again. For the kids, I offer their own class format, centered on stories and pose exploration.

Please contact me if you would like a private session or if you have an event where you would like a yoga instructor. If I’m not available, I can help you find someone.

I have several products available. I have Kharma Khare mats in stock for direct local sales (no shipping costs) or at a discounted rate for studios in the Midwest region. I’ll also sell blankets, blocks, straps, chairs, and other yoga props as they become available. Please inquire as to what you need.